Cardano NFT Fractal Hoskinsea Market Launches Special $HSK Token Sale

Hoskinsea is pleased to announce the sale of its token. It is a marketplace for NFTs working on the Cardano community.

Hoskinsea has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception on the Cardano community, which has acquired a number of curiosities from the crypto group. Hoskinsea has just introduced a non-public sale of its tokens to key individuals who will be among the many lucky holders.

Hoskinsea allows any consumer to create an online retailer and provide their NFTs to the market at a firm and fast price or revenue sharing with {marketplace}. Customers can buy from different customers or from stores located in the Hoskinsea market.

Hoskinsea promotes artists and creators by providing them with a trusted marketplace to share their artistic work. A Hoskinsi official said that sooner or later, we hope customers will have their own Dapps on the Cardano network where they brand their body art work and sell digital certificates of authenticity.

The $HSK token has many uses on the Hoskinsea platform, which can benefit token holders. Hoskinsea aims to build a completely useful decentralized NFT market on the Cardano ecosystem.

Benefits for HSK$ Token Holders

Buy NFTs: US dollar HSK token holders may be able to purchase NFTs, holdings and digital goods on the Hoskinsea marketplace at a discounted price using HSK tokens.

Transaction fee commission: Fees for minting NFTs will be paid with HSK tokens, which will make the method fast for token holders.

Staking tokens / Crop sowing: Token holders can choose to share their tokens on the betting platform to earn additional tokens as a reward.

Governance and Voting: HSK token holders will be part of the decision-making process for points affecting the ecosystem. Thus, only those who own the tokens can have the opportunity to vote on mandatory decision-making processes that can have an effect on your entire ecosystem.

It is very important to know that the number of votes you can obtain and your participation in the voting process will depend on the number of tokens you have.

Exploit NFT: Customers will be able to guess NFT on the NFT betting platform and can earn restricted/rare NFT bonuses which will also be traded on different NFT platforms.

Redistribution of transaction fees: Major holders of HSK tokens will even be able to profit from the platform by earning a firm and fast proportion of the revenue made on all transactions made on the platform using the HSK token.

Personal sale of HSK tokens

1 ADA: 100 HSK tokens

Minimum purchase: 200 ADA

Most purchased: 20,000 ADA

Early adopters need to purchase HSK tokens through the personal sale and become the primary HSK token holder. For more information, please see the hyperlinks below.

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Laura J. Boyer