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“We don’t just make boards that go straight and fast,” says Britt Merrick, Shaper and Chief Designer.“We want the speed, the smoothness and the glide in that feel that we’re all looking for, but you have to be able to make the turns you want and you have to be able to do your best surf. This is the philosophy that we have adopted in our CI Mid project.

“One of the cool things we have at CI, which has been around for 50 years, is this amazing library of model design and history, as well as rockers and everything that goes into making a board,” Britt adds. “In the 1970s my dad had a board called Huevo Caliente, which was a really nice, mid-length egg-shaped board. We had looked at photos of this in the factory and felt pretty inspired by it, so we dived into the archives and pulled out some of those older models to accomplish those curves that created the CI Mid. We’ve also updated the bottom to work like a modern board, while still retaining that classic feel and vibe that my dad created so long ago.

The CI Mid is a modern classic design resulting from a fun collaboration with Devon Howard, a SoCal surfer who has spent the past two decades riding and tweaking egg-inspired designs that are part of a board category that many call the mid-lengths.

“I wanted to work on a board that blends all the different characteristics of this type of board into one,” Howard explains. Although the CI Mid was inspired by the clean, longer lines drawn by traditional eggs and single fins like Al’s Huevo Caliente in the mid-1970s, it offers enhanced sharpness, sensitivity and freedom rendered. possible by his rails, rocker and lower contours which have earned him a reputation as one of the greatest shapers of all time. “

Devon howard

Boasting a sleek egg-shaped design with a low entry rocker and a bit forward foam for ease of paddling and effortless cutting speed, the CI Mid scoots, squirts and swivels through Contemporary features like the double barrel concave, progressively accelerated rocker and hard, rails slightly tucked in and out of the tail.

Britt adds, “The CI Mid is a long rail board that has all the speed and glide you need to draw those high lines and get that flying feel you are looking for, but you can still really put your face down and the ride. go back up, and surf the board well.

A reliable all-rounder that hovers over flatter and smaller things, the CI Mid shines best in surf at almost double the head’s shoulder height, where riders are able to perform smooth, arching turns with confidence. , speed and control.

CI average dimensions
6’6 x 20 1/2 ”x 2 9/16” – 37.8L
6’8 x 20 3/4 ”x 2 5/8” – 40.2L
6’10 x 20 7/8 ”x 2 11/16” – 42.3L
7’0 x 21 1/8 ”x 2 3/4” – 44.9L
7’2 x 21 1/4 ”x 2 13/16” – 47.3L
7’6 x 21 3/4 ”x 2 7/8” – 51.8L
7’10 x 22 x 3 ”- 57.1L

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Britt Merrick.

* Note: Fins can make or break any surfboard. For the CI Mid, CI once again worked closely with Devon and their friends at True Ames Fins to create a bespoke 2 + 1 fin set that enhances the high performance characteristics of the board, while also helping it. to be versatile in a wide range of conditions with just a simple adjustment of the center fin.

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