Bring the funk to Metal Monk

If you’ve ever walked down Front Street in Greenport, you know there’s a special store with metal art “monsters” lining the sidewalk. Be sure to head inside past the monsters to see all the handcrafted goods owner and maker Donya O’Brien has to offer.

Stamped key rings, $10 each

Photograph by David Benthal

These stamped keychains feature sayings such as “you’re beautiful”, “kind bee”, and “beach house”.

Golden Bowl, $10

Photograph by David Benthal

A place to store your new Metal Monk jewelry. This stone bowl with gold lining is neutral with just the right amount of bling.

Octopus phone holder, $175 / Octopus Pirate whistle, $125

Photograph by David Benthal

Created by the craft cooperative Coppertist. Wu, these unique pieces covered in brass scream maritime history. The octopus doubles as a phone or pen holder and the pirate octopus keychain doubles as a whistle.

Frida earrings, from $25

Photograph by David Benthal

Donya’s Frida Kahlo collection pays homage to its namesake by showcasing the large, bright flowers that Frida was known for. Using mixed media, the collection includes brightly colored earrings, rings and necklaces.

Driftwood peace sign, $49

Photograph by David Benthal

Made by a local artisan, these peace wreaths are created using driftwood. There are no two identical pieces.

Children’s jewelry, from $10

Photograph by David Benthal

The Mini Monk children’s collection created by Donya includes bracelets with positive affirmations and funky earrings. Cool enough for kids, you may want them yourself.

Mermaid necklace, $479

Photograph by David Benthal

Handcrafted by Donya, this one-of-a-kind piece features amanzonite and freshwater pearls in light pastel shades. It’s a decadent piece iconic to Greenport’s maritime culture.

“Monster” Metal Tennis Player, $110

Photograph by David Benthal

Is it more fun than a metal monster playing tennis? I do not think so. The variety of “monsters” abounds in the store. From sports players to Venus Flytrap metal garden stakes, you’re sure to find one you need to take home.

Laura J. Boyer