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TROY, NY – Tattooing is a common and popular form of artistic expression, both for the tattoo artist and the person with a tattoo. But tattoos aren’t limited to art. Cosmetic and paramedical tattooing are growing industries that help people feel better by looking their best, using procedures that can be restorative or aesthetic.

Bloom Ink Studio, located at 455 Broadway, specializes in cosmetic and paramedical tattoos, and owner Haley Sunkes wants to raise awareness about the importance of procedures. They are particularly relevant this month, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Sunkes clients include cancer survivors.

Currently, Bloom Ink Studio offers two services. The first is the areola restoration, which is a flat tattoo that creates a three-dimensional image. It is a restorative procedure that helps clients such as breast cancer survivors have more normal-looking skin after their treatments and surgeries are finished. The second is microblading, an aesthetic procedure that fills in sparse brows and creates the look of full, natural brows without the need for makeup. Sunkes also offers a free service called Radiation Marker Camouflage, which conceals the colored dot placed on a person’s skin while undergoing radiation treatment. Sunkes can re-color the point to make it look like a freckle, making it inconspicuous on the skin.

“Restoring trust is a huge thing with these services,” Sunkes said. “They will make people feel better about themselves. Areola restoration is really something people don’t know or think about, but if you lose that part of the breast during cancer treatments, it’s like missing a piece of you. It is like the last stage of the restoration for the survivors.

Sunkes, originally from Troy, got her start in cosmetic tattooing when she did the procedure herself. Her husband’s job moved them across the country to Oregon in 2015, and during that time Sunkes had microblading. This boosted her self-image, giving her much more confidence in her appearance.

“It’s life changing,” she said. “I don’t think people think eyebrows matter that much, but it can make a huge difference.”

Taking a serious interest in cosmetic tattooing, Sunkes decided to become one herself. Her husband’s work underwent another transfer, this time taking them to Vermont, and it was there that Sunkes trained as a cosmetic tattoo artist and got his license to practice. She opened Bloom Ink Studio in Burlington, renting space from an established tattoo artist in the city. At the start of this year, her husband’s job was transferred again, this time allowing them both to come home.

“We’re both from Troy, and I think being out made us realize how much we missed it,” Sunkes explained. “We are both very happy to be back. I like Troy. I like that it’s a smaller, entrepreneurial city with a lot of small businesses.

Sunkes decided to open a second Bloom Ink Studio in Troy, keeping the Burlington location and dividing his time between the two. She found the space on Broadway with the help of her friend, whose father owned the property. She worked hard to get everything ready for a grand opening in March. Then disaster struck.

The weekend before it opened, a devastating fire destroyed the neighboring Bloom Ink Studio building. The damage spread to his building, causing extensive smoke and water damage. Sunkes lost everything and had to start over. Fortunately, she was not alone in her efforts.

“When the fire broke out and I lost everything, I could have just moved somewhere else,” recalls Sunkes. “But the community came together to support me, and seeing that, it really made the decision even stronger for me to stay in Troy.”

The owner of Sunkes – whose family had owned the burnt down building for over 90 years – restored the damaged studio and put it back in pristine condition. Sunkes replaced her lost gear and got ready for a second try at her studio’s grand opening. In September, surrounded by friends, family, and city and county officials, it went off without a hitch.

Since then Sunkes says business has been doing well. She looks forward to helping as many people as possible by expanding her services. Next month, after completing his training, Sunkes will be able to add scar camouflage to the list of services offered at Bloom Ink Studio.

“Scar camouflage is a larger service, so it can help a lot more people,” she said. “I am delighted to be able to offer it.

Sunkes hopes to eventually expand her services even further, as she trains and learns more cosmetic and paramedical procedures. She also keeps her options open for other uses of her studio, as she has plenty of space for one person.

“The space could be used for things like massage therapy, waxing, skin care, eyelash extensions – there are a lot of possibilities,” she said. “I would love to have other people here. I’m a really outgoing person, and right now it’s just me.

Meanwhile, Sunkes fills part of her studio space by transforming the front room into a boutique that features products made locally by women-owned businesses. It’s an idea that started while living in Vermont and continued with her when she moved to Troy. She returns to Burlington once a month to work in her studio and spends the rest of her time in Troy. She is happy with two locations and is currently looking for ways to get involved in the community.

“I love being in Troy and supporting local businesses,” Sunkes said. “I plan to give back and get involved, I just have to think about how.”

Currently, Bloom Ink Studio is open by appointment only. Sunkes plans to open opening hours in time for the holidays. For more information, including to make an appointment, visit or call or text (518) 641-8688. Follow on Facebook at and on Instagram at @bloom_inkstudio.

Cut the ribbon for Bloom Ink Studio.

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