Bidding Wars at Lansdown Gallery

Chris Garner wielded the gavel to settle competing bids at the Art Auction fundraiser held recently at Lansdown Gallery.

Over 350 people visited the 4-day exhibition to view over 100 postcard-sized works of art, all donated by local artists in support of Lansdown’s building improvement plans. The silent auction showed how these
miniature works of art were appreciated. “I’m delighted to say that these lovely little masterpieces fetched over £1000!” said Jessy Plant, the gallery’s curator.

Bids have piled up over the week, and the latest live auction settled those where multiple people were interested in the same coin. Auctioneer Chris – actor and director of the Stroud Theater Company in his day job – encouraged the bidders, talking about the artist and the work, banging the gavel when all bidding had ceased.

Affordable Art Auction Exhibits – credit Violetta Quill

Visitors were also able to vote for their favorite artist and the winners were grouped into two categories, confirmed and emerging artists.

The winning emerging artists – Louise Abel, Kirsty Tallon and Brendan Stokes have won the opportunity to hold a group exhibition at the Gallery from January 10-16, 2023.

Established artists – 1st Barbara Leidl, 2nd Kath Williams and 3rd Disect each won individual prizes thanks to the generosity of local sponsors. Barbara’s prize was a bespoke frame from Darbyshire Framemakers worth £150, Kath received a £40 voucher from Pegasus Arts and Guy de Lotz (aka Disect) has £30 to spend at James and Owen. Barbara will soon have a consultation to choose a frame for one of her works, saying, “I’m so happy to
were able to support the wonderful fundraiser for the postcard exhibition at Lansdown Gallery, and delighted to have won the framing award! Gallery curator Jessy was delighted with the results and thanked all the artists, the sponsors for their generosity, Chris for his performance as auctioneer and of course the public who visited, voted and purchased. . The funds raised and the support shown by the community were all presented as evidence of local support for the improvement plans presented as part of the SDC application for the Leveling Fund.

Laura J. Boyer