Bidding begins on TAUNY cicadas | St. Lawrence County

CANTON — The two dozen larger-than-life cicadas at the upper-tier gallery TAUNY are the result of an educational community art project spearheaded by retired teacher Cindy Quackenbush of Canton.

Each cicada is an original work of art by a local artist. The cicadas will be auctioned online until December 18 to raise funds for TAUNY and the Church and Community program in Canton.

Potential buyers can peek in person, scan the QR code, or bid in person. Visit to see the twenty cicadas available.

Winners can schedule their pickup date at the TAUNY Center, 53 Main St.

It is possible to ship cicadas, but the cost will be $30 to $60 depending on the weight of the cicada purchased and the distance travelled.

How to bid on your favorite cicada:

2. Click on the item you wish to bid on, then enter your bid in the box that says “enter bid amount”. To submit the bid, click “bid now”.

3. It must be equal to or greater than the next minimum bid displayed under the item name. If a bid is successful, bidders will see a “winning” tag next to the item name.

4. Bidders must register before placing a bid.

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Laura J. Boyer