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The conceptt to be mobile and nomadic has been around for some time, the Bedouins crossed the desert, the gypsies ventured through Europe as the hippie vendors who followed the Gmoving Dead. Now mobile seller Vanessa Alvarez does the same with its new mobile store, Banana and bear.

lvarez, a community college in El Paso graduate and major in business at UTEP, made and sold it handmade art on the stairs since 2014. However, last week she launched her own mobile store. The the idea of ​​opening his own store was born from his love of creation art,Awash wanted to fill his shop with her handmade jewelry and introduce other local suppliers. Banana and Bear was appointed after his two ferrets because in Alvarez, they are cute player, and funny who is the energy she hopes her storus radiates. .

Banana and Bear’s products consist of pins, necklaces, key chains, rings, trinket stuff, and second-hand clothes, with varied prices. VSdisgust costs between $ 3 To $20 while hand do items range from $ 4 to $ 10. The products are made with different kinds of mmaterials like resin and clay.

Alvarez runs his mobile shop inside a vintage motorhome, an idea affecting by Portland women who use RVs as mobile stores.

I I thought it would be a good idea to bring this concept to El Paso, not to mention it was the perfect size for the amount of inventory I normally carry,lvarez noted. “If a location does not work well so, I can get up and move at any time. it is also super cute and goes very well with the theme of my eccentric jewelry. “

The mobile shop is in before El Paso’s Galleria Lincoln and Old Sheep Dog Brewery every other weekend. Alvarez also sells his creations on Etsy, which she also manages on her own, first see yourself as a “one-woman show”.

“It’s a lot of work but I love the look on people’s faces when they find Something, they like what i did, or when they can relate to a silly pin that said Yes Yes above,” lvarez noted.

Alvarez wants to inspire other struggling local artists through prove anything is possible if you work hard to achieve this. She hopes people understand this isthis is not something that happened overnight, it is is a company that has took time and devotion.

“If you like something, go for it, because it is better to say that you have tried it and that you failed, than to look back and regret that you did not take the risk” lvarez noted. For more information, follow the Banana and Bear store on Instagram @bananaandbear or on Facebook like Banana and bear. TO Banana shop and bear products, visit his Etsy Web page.

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