Aussie Chicken Shop offers store manager $130,000 salary

Looking for the perfect job? Well, we think we’ve found one!

Western Australian chicken shop Chicken Treat is offering a $130,000 salary for a shop manager, and it doesn’t stop there! In addition to the attractive salary, the store also offers the possibility of a round trip to work, performance-based bonuses and relocation assistance with two return flights each year.

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There must be a catch, right? Other than the location (which some may like), there is none.

The company was forced to offer the high salary of its South Hedland restaurant in a bid to attract qualified staff amid labor shortages.

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Unfortunately, the ad has since been taken down, with western australia confirming that the role has been filled.

However, there are certainly other opportunities.

Western Australia is experiencing a shortage of skilled labor after its borders with Australia and the rest of the world closed, even after the travel ban was lifted, leading some businesses to increase their salaries.

For instance, Daily Mail reports that The Good Cartel, a cafe in Broome, offered a range of jobs, including a barista position paying over $92,000.

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Laura J. Boyer