As other Florida Republicans return Disney contributions, Ron DeSantis keeps a firm grip on his $100,000 giveaway

To impress his Q and far-right supporters, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has put on quite a show since early March, attacking Disney first for supporting LGBTQ rights, then for “injecting sexuality” into it. his cartoons. But the performance artist has had no qualms about accepting — and keeping — $100,000 in Disney contributions over the past two years.

According to the Herald-Tribune, some Republican politicians — “including State Rep. Joe Harding, who sponsored HB 1557, and State Rep. Randy Maggard” — have returned Disney contributions since the company broke down. is opposed to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but DeSantis seems to be keeping his pockets tight.

Extract from the Herald-Tribune:

DeSantis’ political committee received three contributions from Disney totaling $100,000 and an in-kind contribution of $6,809 for “food and drink,” likely for a fundraiser or other campaign event. Disney gave DeSantis $50,000 in 2019 and $50,000 in 2021. …

Yet while DeSantis has repeatedly slammed Disney since then, and also retaliated with legislation punishing the company, there’s no evidence he’s repaid the company’s contributions, as some other lawmakers have. of the GOP.

The governor’s political committee issued no refunds to Disney in March, according to campaign finance data posted on the Florida Division of Elections website.

April campaign finance data is not yet available through the Elections Division, but the governor’s committee has data through April 22 published on its own website and does not list any reimbursements to Disney at this time. date.

In mid-March, Disney announced it was suspending all political contributions in Florida.

Laura J. Boyer