Arty dad travels 500 miles to decorate shop windows with giant portraits of the Queen’s head

An arty dad is hoping to wow the Queen after traveling more than 500 miles to decorate shop windows across the country with giant portraits of Her Majesty’s head – using snow spray. Tom Baker launched his patriotic crusade two weeks ago and used around 40 artificial snow bombs before the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Footage of the 43-year-old shows him handling the white spray with silicone brushes and a window scraper until it looks like a ringer for Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic stamp. He hopes the monarch will be amused by her work if she sees it, especially since it’s a picture from her youth when Tom says she “had a nice bone structure”.

The father-of-two works five days a week to reproduce the portrait and landscapes of Windsor Castle, to offer an original alternative to Union Jack flags and bunting. Tom owns design company Snow Windows and made headlines over Christmas after spraying winter scenes for celebrities such as Chris Moyles and Jamie Oliver.

One of his paintings on a window

Clients and their clients have marveled at her impressive work, which costs £250 or more, and Tom says he is delighted to have helped celebrate a ‘great lady’. Tom, from Sandhurst, Berkshire, said: “I hope she would think I did a good job! Considering this is a photo of her in her youth when she had a nice bone structure, she would like probably that.

“It’s great to do something to contribute to the whole. She’s a great lady and she should be celebrated. We thought it would be a nice different decoration because we knew there would be a lot of buntings and Union Jacks.

“It’s important to get it right because everyone knows what the queen looks like. The shape has to be right. I had to modify the nose slightly, but when I have a client who tells me it looks like her really, then I’m happy.

Tom pictured with his wife Keri and their children
Tom pictured with his wife Keri and their children

“It’s tricky with snow splatter when you’re only using one color, but some images stand out really well and we came up with the idea for the Queen’s stamp. You don’t know what the reaction will be when you do things outside of Christmas. , but there were people passing by and taking pictures.

“Customers said the money they paid for it, they got it back within a day because someone saw the window.” Tom’s first attempt at the portrait on a window at home took about two hours, but now it takes him half that time to perfect the iconic image.

The reproduced stamp was first issued in 1967 and, according to the official British Royal Family website,, is considered the most reproduced work of art in history. Snow Windows posted a video of Tom producing one of his queen portraits on Facebook and TikTok and it has since been viewed over 1,500 times.

One said, “Beautiful, you’re so talented.” Another simply added, “That’s awesome.”

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Laura J. Boyer