Ancient India Metaverse Will Be Created, Supported By Government Consulting Company

Sapio Analytics CEO Announcement

Swiss-Based Entity Initiates Creation of Ancient India Metaverse, Using Proprietary Digital Assets Representing Unique Elements of Indian Culture

ZURICH, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, March 6, 2022 / — A new digital universe has been announced by the official handle of Mumbai-headquartered government consulting firm Sapio Analytics. The announcement mentions the formation of a Swiss entity which will undertake the creation of a new virtual world, popularly called Metaverse, which will recreate ancient India.

The Swiss-based entity will use exclusive digital assets recreated from artworks and other items belonging to ancient India, having been restored to their original glory. Through the use of these assets and the additional implementation of new era technologies, the metaverse will offer partial or full ownership of properties based in ancient India. “The broader purpose of such a metaverse is to create a world that can uplift the consciousness of human beings, bringing the best of ancient cultures, and presenting the same in the modern world, with a deep emphasis on the extracting value from hidden patterns and messages analyzed by artificial intelligence,” the statement read.

With support from Indian government agencies and through the use of works by legendary artists such as art historian Benoy K Behl and spiritual artist Udayraj Gadnis, Sapio Analytics and its sister companies have created a bank of information and properties that is used by the Swiss company. to create the first virtual universe of antiquity.

Metaverse was mentioned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his announcement to the world recently, and has since been an essential component of the work of proponents of new-age virtual technologies. Attempts to create virtual universes in the context of social media and other person-to-person engagements have been launched by companies around the world. The announcement of a virtual universe that recreates ancient India and creates a universe for the modern world to raise its consciousness is the first ever announcement of such magnitude. It remains to be seen if this can help transform the way we view our modern physical universe.

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