Amelia Dimoldenberg wants Sam Fender for Chicken Shop Date

March 3, 2022, 4:17 p.m. | Updated: March 3, 2022, 4:40 p.m.

Amelia Dimoldenber and Sam Fender at the 2022 NME Awards.

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The YouTube star has revealed she has her eye on the Geordie singer-songwriter for a new episode and wants to film it in Newcastle.

Amelie Dimoldenberg wants Sam Fender for a Chicken shop date.

The journalist, YouTube star and creator of the Chicken Shop Date series has interviewed celebrities from across music, sports and entertainment, but really wants singer-songwriter Geordie to follow.

Talk to Jack Wood of Radio X to NME Award Last night (March 2) she said: “I’m a big fan of Sam Fender. I really want to have him on Chicken Shop Date, so I think after his performance I could get on to him and be weird…”

Asked what she would ask the seventeen below singer, she said: ‘I feel like all my questions would be about Newcastle’, adding: ‘I want to film it in Newcastle but other than that I can’t say too much as I don’t want to divulge my trade secrets.”

Watch Jack chat with Amelia below:

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It’s unclear if Amelia was able to chat with the Geordie rocker at the awards show, but she may have to form an orderly queue to reach him as he’s hugely popular.

DC fountains also have a lot of love for Sam Fender. The Irish band, who are part of the line-up of support acts for their concert at Finsbury Park this summer, also said that the play god the singer was a “big boy” and could also drink them under the table.

They added: “These Newcastle boys, man. They’re a different breed.”

Watch our interview with the band below:

Sam Fender then had a great night at the awards ceremony, opening the show with a performance by his seventeen below single and winning two awards for Best Album by a British Artist and best album in the world for his groundbreaking second album of the same name.

Fontaines DC didn’t do too badly, beating competition from stuff like Wolf Alice and the house the gong for best group in the world.

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