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Aaron Paul could start a new trend in Hollywood by sharing his Boise, Idaho property listing on social media. Celebrities are already taking public relations into their own hands by announcing milestone events like engagements and pregnancies, so why not do the same with real estate? the old breaking Bad The star posted a cinematic look at her $1,349,500 residence that is truly a work of art.

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Paul must be serious about selling this property, known as ‘The Klein House’, as the video clip he posted to his Instagram account showed his real estate agent giving a very personal tour and the story of architecture. The 2,171-square-foot masterpiece features two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but it’s the living room that’s the “focal point of the house,” according to the official listing. This is where the “indoor geothermal/mineral pool” resides, offering a true spa-like experience in the Art Troutner-designed property.

The 42-year-old star emotionally discussed what it meant to sell his birthplace. He wrote: “Goodbye, beautiful thing that you are. It pains me to let go of this Idaho staple, but life is full of chapters and sadly that chapter is closing. Paul also gave a little story about how he ended up buying the place ‘without seeing it.’ He continued, “My sister @americanhips sent me the list and was like ‘Look what just happened on the market ! There is a hot spring inside the living room. I was immediately sold. Now the house is ready for a new owner, who is looking for a “magical” place with lush landscaping to surround them as they bathe in the pool.

Paul looks sad to let go, but eager to move on, and he’s made it easy for each of his followers to find details of his realtor and marketing team to make it a quick and easy sale ( they are all labeled in the post). It’s definitely a way to use your social media fans, all five and a half million of them.

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