A new faith-based cafe called Common Grounds in Mercer aims to connect the community

MERCER, Pa. (WKBN) — A local space currently under construction will soon become a new cafe in downtown Mercer — one the developers hope will become a gathering place, especially for young people.

“There are so many things now that are designed to pull us apart and pull us apart, you know, and you can watch the national stuff, you know, and you can watch the tech, social media, reality TV,” he said. said the Mercer County Coroner. John Libonati.

Libonati is a board member of a group called Common Grounds Mercer. It is a faith-based charity.

Libonati says the store won’t be just for kids.

“Veterans groups, support groups, you know, have a place to go that’s a healthy alternative as opposed to a bar,” Libonati said.

Libonati says that the board members of this group started talking about this idea a few years ago, and then they started collecting donations. Along the way, they received kitchen equipment from a restaurant that had closed.

Although much of the labor and materials have been donated – and the staff are largely volunteers – the store will still need money to support itself. That’s why the trustees of the lakes in Jefferson, just outside Mercer, have agreed to host a fundraiser for Common Grounds on Friday night.

“Do what’s best for them, especially nonprofits and individuals, as a startup like this company,” Ron Duez said with the lakes at Jefferson.

Down the street, Libonati hopes to see this space used for art, music and tutoring classes.

“Not just to engage and connect, but to give people healthy opportunities to be creative,” Libonati said.

Common Grounds is slated to open this fall.

Laura J. Boyer