A new cafe – where even the furniture is for sale – opens in St Helier

A NEW cafe where even furniture is for sale has opened in town.

The Merchants, run by Islanders James Grant and Jayne Silver, moved to 4 Beresford Street, opposite the Central Market.

Mr Grant and Mrs Silver named the business after the first known trade in the unit – a hardware merchant dating from 1857.

Mr Grant, who is also a photographer who has worked with brands such as workwear suppliers Dickies, said the driving force behind The Merchants is to provide a “community space in which local creatives can thrive” and exhibit their work.

“It’s truly mine and Jayne’s love child where we’ve combined all of our favorite things into one.” We are both coffee addicts and believe in having the best coffee,” he said.

“We want customers to be able to walk in, grab a coffee, check out some of the artwork on display, or listen to a vinyl record on the Bluetooth headset, while letting their child play in the development space that has a blackboard and other objects on purpose. Chosen equipment to enable them to draw and experiment,” he added.

Merchants cafe.

All furniture, artwork and vinyls in the store are for sale. Each comes with its own QR code which can be scanned and directs you to The Merchants website where you can find out more about each piece.

One of the company’s goals is that all furniture and art be produced locally.

“Once settled, we want to run regular workshops for children and adults, through all the different forms of art, design and music. We are already in talks with various artists. We also want to provide live performances for musicians to showcase their work.

“It is designed to be a community space that combines all of our passions into one and gives Islanders, who share those same interests, the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work and be recognized.

“It’s our way of giving back to a community that has given us so much, but also providing opportunities that we may not have had when we were younger,” Grant said.

He added that they were in talks with schools and the government to allow students to exhibit their artwork commission-free.

Ms Silver explained that another reason for wanting to start the business was to provide parents with a place where they can socialize and bring their children.

“I homeschooled my son and I know there aren’t many places where parents can bring their kids and meet other people.

“So the development space allows them to do that and all the equipment there is meant to benefit the child and is not just any random toy,” she said. declared.

The shop is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

The company is also the first to bring the Dark Arts Coffee brand from East London and the Rare Tea Company to Jersey.

They also have a minimal food menu.

The business is one of many hospitality venues to open recently in town. Earlier this week, a new brewery called Colmar opened on the site of the former Beginnings store in King Street.

Pizzeria Romana is also due to reopen in Charing Cross, three years after the place was ravaged by fire. The addition of new businesses has been welcomed by Town Center Manager Connor Burgher and Jersey Business Head of Hospitality and Tourism Simon Soar.

To learn more about artwork for sale, visit themerchants.je.

Laura J. Boyer