A luxurious beauty ritual for the hands


The human hand has always expressed the spirit of the house of Hermès. In the Hermès workshops, artisans handcraft each luxury item, whether it is a leather bag, a silk scarf or an enamel item.

“We are the house of hands”, declares Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès. “The hand is like the Hermès horse, trusting us and taking us where we want to go. “

Thus, after the launch of Hermès Beauty in 2019 with Rouge Hermès lipsticks, followed by Rose Hermès blushes a year later, it seems like a natural progression that the third chapter of Hermès Beauty is Les Mains Hermès, which is not an ordinary nail. collection of varnishes but a complete beauty ritual for the hands.

First of all, there is a complete hand care cream, certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert as containing 98% natural ingredients. Hermès Beauté’s signature ingredient is smoothing white mulberry extract, while a hyaluronic acid complex provides deep and lasting hydration. Brown spots are reduced, natural foam repairs the skin, passionflower oil protects against external aggressions, and a plant emollient complex with precious tears of mastic resin nourishes and moisturizes the nails.

Fit for royalty: Imperial Yellow is the aristocratic yellow that only Chinese emperors were allowed to wear.

Director of olfactory creation at Hermès, Christine Nagel even created a special fragrance for hand cream: a blend of sandalwood, arnica absolute, fresh rose water and patchouli that promotes well-being.

Another care product is the nourishing oil for nails and cuticles, also certified 100% natural. The combined action of five oils, precious mastic resin tears, white mulberry extract and vitamin E nourishes, hydrates and strengthens nails and surrounding skin while protecting against dryness.

Then, to protect the nails, a base coat of fortifying enamel is the first step of the ritual. Made in France and enriched with precious mastic resin tears, it’s a translucent white that makes your nails so clean and pristine that you might be tempted to wear it on its own.

It would be a shame, because colored nail polishes are works of art. Housed in chic bottles designed by Pierre Hardy,

Hermès nail polish comes in 24 shades inspired by the colors, shades and shine of enamel. Indeed, enamelling happens to be one of Hermès’ areas of expertise. And the 24 is not a random number, it is inspired by the emblematic number of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Hermès address in Paris since 1880.

To create rich shades in enamelled objects, the master enameller’s palette contains dozens of blues, as well as an array of reds, pinks and greens, which explains the color history behind Les Mains Hermès. While there is a Navy Ink Blue and an Emerald Egyptian Green, the colors range from the most delicate pink, Porcelain Rose, to the fiery Amazon Red to the deep burgundy of Rouge H, the shade created in 1925 which is one of the hues. emblematic of Hermès.

Other emblematic colors of the house include Orange Boite, the iconic shade of the Hermès box which was born in 1942 out of necessity, due to a shortage of white packaging during wartime; Rouge Casaque, which evokes the iconic Kelly bag in Clémence bull calf; Imperial Yellow, an aristocratic yellow that only Chinese emperors were allowed to wear; Etoupe Gray, the house’s instantly recognizable shade of gray; and Brun Bistre, the deep, autumnal brown that borders each Hermès box.

I especially love the nail polish brushes and love the Hermès ones, which are rounded, firm but flexible enough to make controlled application really easy.

Signature color: Box Orange is the iconic shade of the Hermès box.

Much like an enamel craftsman applies the final glaze, Les Mains Hermès topcoat is the finishing touch, enhancing the color of the polish and producing a long-lasting, glossy, mirror-like shine.

Les Mains Hermès also offers accessories like a set of Hermès orange nail files which are so pretty you might want to leave one intact.

But the piece of resistance has to be the nail polish carousel. Made by Hermès leatherworkers, it is made up of three trays held in place by an adjustable harness, all covered with Tadelakt clay color calfskin, which takes 26 hours to complete.

Inside are the 24 nail polish colors, as well as the nourishing oil, base and top coats. It would make an incomparable gift for someone who loves Hermès, and who appreciates the expressiveness and the beauty of the hands.

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Les Mains Hermès is available exclusively at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza.


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