A Ghost and a Prisoner – A one stop shop for anything that might connect Kaithi and Vikram

Move over MCU, we got ours UCL…It’s Lokesh Cinematic Universe for the uninitiated. After weeks of fan theories swirling around Lokesh Kanagaraj’s next movie, VikramNameand his second film, Kaithi, are from the same universe, the director used social networks to confirm it. In a moving statement about his journey with Kamal Haasan and VikramNameLokesh also asked the public to refresh their Kaithi trivia before stepping in to watch the highly anticipated Vikram, which also stars Fahadh Faasil, Suriya and Vijay Sethupathi.

A few hours before the release of VikramNamesupported by Kamal Haasan’s Raajkamal Films International, here are some possible threads that link VikramName and Kaithi together. And don’t worry, we have THIS Biriyani shot on the list.

1. O brother, where are you?

From the moment we meet Anbu (Arjun Das) in Kaithi, there is an allusion to an “anna”. Who is this brother that even Anbu is afraid of? What is the caliber of this brother that makes a menacing villain like Anbu look like a little henchman? We are told that this brother is the person called Adaikkalam. The second half is all about Anbu going to the police station to pick up Adaikkalam…his annan. But again… what if Adaikkalam and Anna were two different people? We are told that Adaikkalam is played by Harish Uthaman, and we know that Suriya plays a cameo in VikramName.

What if… I mean, what if Adaikkalam and Anna weren’t two different people, and even if they are, Suriya is one of them and the baddest all ?

And if all this is remotely true… Kaithi 2 Where vikra 3 did the real brothers Karthi and Suriya fight in LCU?

2. Island of Refuge

One of the biggest questions of Kaithi was… Who is Adaikkalam? In fact, it’s only in the final act that we’re shown Harish Uthaman as the big fish caught in a different net. However, let’s go down memory lane a bit and play the game of “Connect the dots”.

At first Kaithi, Bejoy (Narain) talks to undercover cop Ajaz Ahmed (Kanna Ravi) on the phone right after the drug arrest. The latter wants to bail out the company of murderous gangsters he is surrounded by, expressing his fear of being exposed. Bejoy convinces Ajaz that none of them, including Ajaz himself, have any idea of ​​the identity of Adaikkalam, the mob boss and main target of the drug trade.

It is however later revealed that Adaikalam (played by Harish Uthaman) has been arrested by another group of cops along with his gang of men and is confined to the police station.

Here’s the catch: it comes down to the fact that none of the cops, including Ajaz, know what Adaikkalam looks like.

So we come back to point n°1… Is it time to officially say that it will be Lokesh who will bring the two brothers together?

3. Who you gonna call… Ghostbusters!

Vikram’s first catchphrase was… Once upon a time there lived a ghost. Many of us assumed it was the original Vikram, who might have taken a sabbatical from active spy duty, and should make a comeback for this film. While this hypothesis still has merit, what makes it more interesting is a passing statement in Kaithi.


When Bejoy (Narain) calls Ajaz/Sampath (Kanna Ravi), the Anbu gang’s mole, the former asks him if he knows a certain “ghost”. Despite Ajaz’s perplexity, this statement seems to carry a lot of weight in VikramName. What if THAT ghost was THAT ghost. And to make things even more confusing, what if Suriya was the ghost… or if he wasn’t the bad guy at all… Since this is just conjecture for now, why not push back the limits, huh?

4. The Scorpion King

The first whispers about a possible LCU were heard when the trailer for VikramName released, and we saw Vijay Sethupathi’s Santhanam talk about his reserve when someone walks away with a bag of drugs that had a scorpion logo prominently displayed on it. We saw a similar logo in Kaithi when Anbu talks about the drugs that need to be carried. Now we know that Anbu got the drugs from somewhere. What if he got it from Santhanam? It also gives us a vague idea of ​​the timeline. East VikramName the prequel to Kaithi?

5. The Multiverse of the Dead

While the characters of Kaithi were very binary, it is clear that VikramName will have roles that are in several shades of gray. We now know that the characters of Narain, Arjun Das, and Harish Uthaman are returning to the film, and with footage of Narain being arrested by Fahadh Faasil’s Amar, we’re even more confused as to what each of these characters’ intention is. Was Narain an undercover cop? Fahadh, who is all masked in the trailer, is he also an undercover cop? Or is it a criminal in khaki? Meanwhile, in this VikramName glance, we saw Kamal Haasan bailing out Narain, Kalidas Jayaram and a bunch of others from an underground prison. What brought them there? And is this the moment when the worlds of Kamal Haasan and Adaikkalam collide?

6. Ten Years A Prisoner

With the setting of Dilli’s final drive, with his daughter, down the highway, Lokesh promised a sequel to Kaithi. But what’s more intriguing about Dilli’s character is his statement about being in prison for ten years. The question “Why were you in jail” is met with a half-smile and a convoluted response from the guy. So what kept him away from the gangs for ten years, and more importantly, where does he fit in the world of VikramName? Either way…the seeds are sown for Kaithi’s sequel, and it’s clear we’ll have more answers in a few hours.

7. Bucket List (Biriyani)

There is Kaithi. Kaithi has Karthi. Karthi has biriyani. Incidentally, he also starred in Biriyani. Nevertheless, there is Vikram. Vikram has Kamal Haasan, Fahadh Faasil, Suriya and Vijay Sethupathi. And above all, Vikram has shots of Biriyani. If there is biriyani, there must be a Dilli somewhere, and if there is Dilli, then there is the Kaithi connection to Vikram. Life is simple. Keep calm and have Biriyani. VikramName day is upon us.

8. AAA (Amar Anbu Ajaz)

Where does Fahadh Faasil’s Amar fit into all of this… IF… I mean, if VikramName is indeed the prequel to Kaithi, then Ajaz might still be alive and very much integrated into the Anbu gang. And considering how the Vikram team announced that each of the managers had their own team. In this event, we saw Santhanam’s team, Kamal Haasan’s team and Amar’s team… What if there was another team? What if there is Anbu with his gang waiting? What if there was Adaikkalam himself keeping a very low profile?

Kanna Ravi, Fahadh Faasil, Arjun Das

Ultimately, even though Kaithi and VikramName are cut from the same cloth, or even if they are not, it is clear that VikramName made us think… a lot!

But yes… Will all these theories and hypotheses be part of UCL and VikramName?

Well… As Kamal Haasan once said…”Irundha, nalla irukkum

Laura J. Boyer