A Dumbarton man threw a rock at a waiter and pounded on a store door with a bucket

A MAN who threw a stone at a worker at a Dumbarton dessert shop and then tried to goad the shop neighbor into a fight has been released into the community.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard how Brian Robertson, formerly of Glencairn Road in the city, attended Gelatoburger in Cardross Road on April 27 this year and randomly proceeded to challenge one of the workers to a fight.

When asked to leave, he took a vape; he was told to put it down, drop it on the floor and demand that a witness pick it up.

Upon finally leaving the store, Robertson found a rock and threw it at a store worker, hitting him in the head.

Moments later, he returned with a black plastic bucket and began banging on the store’s front door.

The court heard that about 15 minutes later, Robertson, 31, stood outside the home of a man who lived near Gelatoburger and was heard trying to get the man to leave the property to get him to fight, shouting “Come outside, you p***b*****d”.

Robertson then picked up a child’s scooter and hit a property window with it, only leaving the scene when told the police had been called.

The court also heard details of a separate incident in which police were asked to attend Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on December 22 last year, when Robertson was present and appeared under the influence of alcohol.

Tax prosecutor Daisy Bentley told the court that Robertson started shouting “f ***** g my then” before being escorted out of the hospital and taken inside a police car, where he started to butt the passenger side door.

The cops warned him about his behavior, but he ignored them and instead shouted “f*****g wee cow” at one of the officers.

He also said, “I am an af*****g lion. I’m going to blow up your car with your kids in it.

He answered all questions from the police by saying only, “F*** off.”

Robertson, who appeared out of custody at the July 26 hearing, had previously pleaded guilty to acting aggressively by repeatedly kicking and headbutting inside a a police car, shouting and swearing, uttering threats of violence and challenging the cops to a fight.

The sentence had been postponed until last week’s hearing for a social work background report.

Scott Adair, defending, said the report was “comprehensive and detailed” in describing Robertson’s background and struggles.

Mr Adair added: “Around the start of 2022, there was a decline in his mental health which led him to use more alcohol and drugs.

“He is in constant contact with his mental health worker while in custody.

“It’s surprising, given his track record, but [the report recommends] you can work with him while he is in the community.

For the QEUH incident, Robertson was placed on a community reimbursement order with 12 months of social work supervision, with a driving requirement to attend alcohol, drug and health counseling mental.

Sentencing for the first case has been postponed until September for an evaluation of the drug treatment and testing order to be completed.

Speaking to Robertson after sentencing, Sheriff John Hamilton said: ‘I don’t tax unpaid work. I want to get you out there and see if we can offer you intense supervision and support to start dealing with your alcohol, drug and mental health issues.

“The first step is to get yourself to a better place.”

Laura J. Boyer