A chair bought for $5 at a second-hand dealer sells at auction for more than $16,000


A rare wooden chair bought at a flea market in England for £5 has sold at auction for over £16,000.

The checkerboard design turned out to be an “important example” of Viennese Secession furniture designed by Koloman Moser, an Austrian artist who had a huge influence on 20th-century graphic art before he died in 1918.

The elm and wicker high-back chair was sold in Brighton to a woman who contacted an appraiser and was stunned to discover its centuries-old roots in the avant-garde school of art in Vienna, Austria.

Sworders auction house called it a modern reinterpretation of a traditional 18th-century ladder-back chair designed in 1902.

Moser, who taught at the School of Applied Arts in Vienna, also designed a wide range of graphic works, from postage stamps to magazine vignettes, fashion, stained glass, porcelain and ceramics, blown glass, crockery, silver and jewelry, as well as furniture.

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John Black, head of the auction, said: “We are particularly pleased to know that he will return to Austria.”


In fact, they were so thrilled with the sale that they broke their booze-free January pledge.

“We weren’t drinking in January but made an exception on Tuesday night, it was a night to celebrate.”

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Laura J. Boyer