8 Stores to Buy Your Next “Euphoria” Moment

Well, it’s official, we’ve reached peak Y2K, it’s no longer normal to see a winged linger, without the accompaniment of a row of crystal gems below. If there’s one thing Euphoria has taught us (aside from dumping trauma in public), it’s the art of the festival eye. But it’s not just for those who attend a festival, or not, facial gems have gloriously made their way into the mainstream, for all of us beauty people to enjoy. Not to mention, it takes very little time and only a few simple hacks to perform (hello room temperature eyelash glue). There are many versions out there, and sometimes when you go looking for them it can get a bit overwhelming. From mini rainbow rounds to flare star decals, we’ve rounded up all the best for your next festival, night out with friends, or Instagram beauty reel.


If you’re looking for a stack of sheets that includes all the colors of the rainbow, look no further than Amazon. Included are some of the best options available, with fast double plus shipping. Used by many makeup artists, Amazon’s assortment is a particular favorite of Euphoria makeup artist Kirin Rider who posts numerous assortments on her feed.

Squishy Beauty

Acne spot removal that also doubles as a pretty face gem? We are listening and we are very interested. The last thing we like are hormonal surges, but thanks to these sweet little patches, we can have fun dressing up. Available in an assortment of pastel shades, these sticky little blooms are made with hydrocolloid, a drug-free, non-drying, and non-irritating ingredient ideal for even the most sensitive skin. the hydrocolloid helps the stain to come to the surface.


where to buy facial gemstones

When in doubt, there’s always Etsy, the best of the best when it comes to bespoke, handmade gemstones. From tiny little studs to candy-colored love hearts, you’ll find something for every occasion.

dolls kill

Pretty much a one-stop destination for festival outfits, Dolls Kill is home to an amazing display of face decals and glittery studs. Gold moon studs and butterfly decals top our list of favorites.

Pop of color

where to buy facial gemstones

Whether it’s holographic, neon, or crystal cat eyes like the kind Maddy dons on Euphoria, Color Pop has a sparkling sampling of products for all beauty lovers out there. They even sport some cute logo-inspired options, including Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers-themed gems, for the ’90s sports and pop culture obsessive.

M Co Beauty

One for us locals, sometimes all you want is a simple 70s vibe and the MCo beauty is definitely on point. The shimmering face and body collection is a studio 54 dream, offering two colorways, Desert Rose & Disco Ball.


Another easy find for us on the homefront, Australis offers a range of face and body jewelry options, including a set featuring a body and face sticker in assorted rainbow stones .

Doni Davy

where to buy facial gemstones

The OG master and makeup extraordinaire, of course, it was only a matter of time for the makeup masterminds in Euphoria to release their own line. For that, we are incredibly grateful! Offering a selection of face decals, you can channel your inner Maddy, Kat and Jules with Doni Davy’s selection of fashion-forward colors and designs.

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Laura J. Boyer