5 Must-Have Switch Games From Nintendo’s Big Ol’ Super Sale

With the holiday season being a crucial time for video game sales, many companies are looking for ways to bridge the gap between the scorching summer days and the busiest quarter of the year. Luckily for gamers, this means they can expect big discounts all year round on all platforms. To help combat the sweltering heat this summer, Nintendo is holding a “Big Ol’ Super Sale” on the eShop, and several games on the list are considered must-buys.

From now until July 7, Nintendo Switch owners can add to their library or reduce the backlog of games with select first-party and third-party titles at a discount of 25% or more. While it might not seem as big at first, it’s worth mentioning that the current sale is arguably the biggest in Nintendo’s recent history. For a lucrative profit on the advertised savings, each purchase will net users 5% back on gold coins, opening the window of opportunity for additional discounts further down the line.

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Bravely Default II ($41.99; 30% off)

Despite a somewhat misleading title, Bravely Default II is the third main part of the Bravely series. Released about a year and a half ago, this JRPG doesn’t follow in the footsteps of its predecessors in terms of story, making it a great starting point for gamers interested in exploring the unique aspects of the new franchise. Square Enix.

The game regales players with an age-old story of the four heroes of light, who accidentally cross paths during their travels in Excillant. The easily digestible turn-based combat system, intuitive delivery of working classes, and an immersive story told across four chapters ensure quick onboarding, allowing players to enjoy the beauty of the genre in a richly condensed experience presented through a miniaturized diorama-like world.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise ($24.99; 50% off)

Few games can pride themselves on wonky physics, frustrating controls, and outdated visuals, but those are just a few charms that make Deadly Premonition 2 a marvel in itself. Much like its predecessor, the second entry is an acquired taste worth experimenting with. Since it serves as both a prequel and sequel to the first installment, players can fully immerse themselves in its intricacies without worrying about being left in the dark.

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Deadly Premonition 2 features two overarching timelines, with much of the plot set in the past. Following the story of FBI Special Agent Francis “York” Morgan and his time in the Deep South, the game combines free-roaming open-world exploration with instanced shooting segments and a form of skill enhancement tailored to gamers. traditions. For gamers interested in getting to the root of the polarizing opinions surrounding the franchise, skateboarding a mile in York’s ridiculously loud shoes should do the trick.

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition ($34.99; 30% off)

As a veteran member of the JRPG genre, Dragon Quest XI offers a truly holistic experience for seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. While its turn-based combat system and sandbox nature don’t stray from the framework established by its many predecessors, the narrative delivery and customization options make the game a near-perfect entry point into the franchise.

Definitive Edition lets players experience the daunting story of the Luminary and its companions in two modes: modern and 16-bit. Expanded plot elements and other general enhancements complement the original gameplay features, taking players on a long journey through the world of Erdrea. From a polished crafting system to entertaining mini-games and humorous writing, there’s no shortage of engaging content in Dragon Quest XI S. Even if the next main installment is still a long way off, getting a head start can’t hurt.

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Persona 5 Strikers ($29.99; 50% off)

Atlus’ cross between the Character series and Koei Tecmo Dynasty Warriors the franchise shares many properties with its parent game, personas 5, but it can nevertheless be played as a standalone entry. More of a spin-off and less of a full-fledged sequel, Persona 5 Strikers does a great job of picking up where its immediate predecessor left off without depriving newcomers of the rewarding experience associated with the main title.

Set four months after the events of personas 5, Strikers combines action segments with Charactersignature turn-based game mechanics. Players can form a party of up to four members and explore dungeons similar to the base game. Whereas Strikers Visibly deploys a lighter version of certain aspects of the game and combat elements, it also offers a wider range of locations on the world. Whether it’s a legitimate sequel to the story or an experimental starting point, players should consider adding Persona 5 Strikers at their library.

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A must-have for all retro enthusiasts fond of remakes, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening adopts a retro-modern art style that stays true to the presentation of the original game on the first Game Boy handheld, as well as its Color variant. A lush diorama-like design, toy-like character appearance, tilting visuals, and updated gameplay features foster an inclusive, friendly atmosphere befitting a beloved cult classic.

The game’s laid-back nature and top-down perspective further accentuate its artistic allure, bringing it closer to gamers who didn’t have a chance to engage with the original title. Similar to others Zelda entries, Link’s Awakening embraces an open setting dotted with imaginative dungeons, puzzles, and boss fights. As one of the best-selling titles on the Nintendo Switch, the game is well worth its price.

Laura J. Boyer