5 modern artists to know in Birmingham


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modern artists
Life imitates art, so start living and see modern artists. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

Birmingham is full of talented artists who bring color, culture and creativity to our city. Modern art in particular is one of the ways that artists have expressed themselves creatively through experimentation and separation from tradition. Here are a few of those incredible modern artists who have made Birmingham their home and are definitely worth following.

1. Liz Lane

Modern artists
Color me impressed with these colorful paintings by Liz Lane. Photo via Liz Lane Gallery

Owner of her own contemporary art gallery here in Birmingham, Liz Lane is herself a painter and curator of other emerging modern artists. Liz graduated from UAB in Fashion Design and incorporated the abstract concepts she learned in fashion into her artwork.

Through her brilliant pastel strokes, she proves that emotion can be captured without traditional methods. Head to Homewood to get a glimpse of his original art straight from the studio.

Location: 1923 29th Ave S. 35209, Homewood, AL

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10 am-5pm

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2. Anna Corhern

Modern artists
Watercolors by Anna Corhern showing us the most beautiful landscapes. Photo via Liz Lane Gallery

Anna Corhern is an artist from Birmingham who captures nature and landscapes in a beautiful and unique way. Focusing on soft but bright colors through watercolor, ink, oil and acrylic, she recreates a range of natural scenes.

Let yourself be swept away by its gentle sunsets and rolling hills that will surely remind you of your favorite moments in nature. You can view and purchase his artwork at the Liz Lane Gallery.

Location: 1923 29th Ave S. 35209, Homewood, AL

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10 am-5pm

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3. Joan Curtis

Modern artists
You’re glad we told you about Joan Curtis Art. Photo via Joan Curtis Art

Bright colors and a free spirit is how Joan describes herself and her art. It stands out with the vivid colors that almost come out of the canvas and a unique level of texture achieved with the palette knife.

Her passion and love for life is clearly evident in her work with fun and stylish pieces that bring brightness to any room. His works have been presented at festivals and art exhibitions in the Southeast. You can browse and buy his work by going to his website.

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4. John Lytle Wilson

The painting
One of our favorite modern artists with his classic robot. Photo by John Lytle Wilson

If you catch a glimpse of pop art robots crashing into a classical art landscape, you are probably looking at an original piece by John Lytle Wilson. Combining modern art techniques with a more classic environment, he creates striking images that make his pieces stand out.

John’s art is meant to give you a second glance, and he uses the power of remarkable imagery to capture the attention of his audience. You can spot one of his more recent projects outside of Magic City Wellness with a three story mural.

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5. Chloe York

Modern artists bringing a rainbow of colors. Photo by Chloé York

First inspired by the sea and its creatures, Chloe York layers organic patterns on her canvas, creating eye-catching whimsical creations. Growing up in a beach house in the Bahamas, the pastel palette of seaside towns and its people inspires his art.

Expect bright colors, funky patterns, and creative collages unlike anything you would see in normal beach house decor. Chloe won the Best in Show award at the Magic City Art Connection 2021 and continues to wow audiences with her special work.

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Who is your favorite modern artist in Birmingham? Tag @bhamnow and let us know!

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