2 members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame arrive in Syracuse


More and more artists are announcing that they will hit the road this summer. Two members of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame have announced a show in St. Joes for this summer.

James Taylor and Jackson Browne join the ever-growing lineup arriving in central New York this summer. James Taylor entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. And soon after, Jackson Brown was inducted into the Sacred Hall in 2004. Both artists have had a long and successful career with many incredible and highly recognizable hits. .

Tickets go on sale for this show on Friday, June 11 at 10 a.m. The show will take place at the St. Josephs Health Amphitheater in Lakeview on Sunday August 22. Lucky for you, we’ve got your connection to win a pair of tickets.

Listen from tomorrow for a chance to win a pair before they even go on sale. It’s so easy to get your hands on tickets too. Every day at 8 a.m. we’ll tell you what’s the song of the day from James Taylor or Jackson Browne. You can get this information from the free 96.1 The Eagle app. Make sure you remember the song, then listen to it throughout your workday to try and win the tickets with Vinnie. When you hear the song just call number 10. Then you will be on your way to St. Joes.

A word of advice, fill up with gasoline before going to the show. This way you don’t run out of steam.

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