Martin White

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25 April to 24 May


Icons was a working title but, as Martin explains:

‘Iconic status is not assumed but is definitely an aspiration, possibly for all image-makers, so it stands.’

He has produced a series of paintings and panels based on the figure, as well as two videos.

‘One painting series, based on direct life studies, seeks to celebrate the model graphically in a structural linear context with reference to ancient symbols. The other takes prehistoric figurative images and superimposes a dynamic contemporary re-enactment. The panels simply and directly ‘capture’ a living model, as if fossilized.’

He has also created two videos called Elements, one based on the figure with fire and one with water. The videos (half of a larger project, Elements) demonstrate the contradictory fragility and resilience of humanity.

The photographic images, captured serendipitously, hope to do what all good photographs do which is to select and refine significant points in space and time.

Icon 11 Painting Icon Kate Panel

Left to right: Paintings – Icons, Kate, Relief panel Ev and Nick

Old man's world

Photograph: Old man’s world, 2005

Sal Fire

Photograph: Sally’s fire dance, December 2006

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