Art Education

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Schools' Art Education Programme

The direct experience of learning about artists’ work helps children to appreciate the different
methods of achieving it and to understand about concepts and abstraction. To be able to talk
about art helps with their language development and enhances their appreciation of the
environment, as well as learning skills through making art.

Lynne Crompton, the Curator of Oriel Q, feels that most subjects can be taught through art and is passionate about encouraging children to be creative, and to use the gallery as their resource.

With this in mind, she extends an invitation to all schools, and any age groups, to arrange a visit
to any exhibition. She is also happy to arrange workshops created around whatever exhibition
is on display in the gallery.



Here are some images from past workshops organised by the gallery.

Japanese calligraphy

This was a workshop run by Glenn Ibbitson and Hiroshi Ueta in connection with an exhibition of photographs on the stairs taken from their book Eclipse.



This was a workshop for young children taken by Paul Roche, and was organised earlier this year.
Self-hardening clay was used for the work. When the clay was dry, the children were able to return and paint their pieces of work.


Visits to a specific exhibition

Pupils from Narberth CP School visited Oriel Q to see an exhibition of Eamon Colman’s called What is real – everything or nothing? Eamon, an Irish painter, bases his work on the landscape, or rather his experience of colours, sounds, patterns, and moods as he walks through it. He is a superb colourist, and the pupils, under Lynne's guidance, learnt about the science and interaction of colours and then created their own pictures, using collage.

The children hard at work

Some of their creations

As part of another workshop in the gallery, a class also from Narberth CP School was involved in the filming, by S4C, of an exhibition by Catrin Webster.